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Shine Like A Diamond



After completing projects of all shapes and sizes for a number of years, the team at Black Diamond Concrete Solutions has encountered a number of similar questions and inquiries. We have provided informative answers to a selection of our most frequently asked questions from Winnipeg clients.


How long does it take to polish a concrete floor?

This is impossible to know without assessing the site, and determining access issues, site restrictions and specifics of the concrete in place. Call us for a free estimate!

Will my polished floor stain?

There are a multitude of products which can be applied to reduce or eliminate the stains depending on your specific usage of the area.

Do polished floors reduce dust?

Absolutely. Properly polished and densified floors will virtually eliminate dusting and allergens.

Are polished floors slippery?

Concrete floors have a superior slip coefficient to normal flooring products available on the market. The higher the polish, the better the slip coefficient. However, like any floor this is reduced when products are spilled on them.

Is the process of grinding and polishing dusty?

Yes it is. However with proper containment, vacuum systems and scrubbers this can be reduced dramatically. An alternative is to grind and polish wet however this method produces its own difficulties in the way of slurry containment.

How much does polished concrete cost?

The price to polish a concrete floor depends greatly on the floor size, floor configuration, scope of work, slab condition, time frame, and obstacles.

Is it possible for most concrete floors to be polished?

It would be an exception to find concrete that can't be however it basically comes down to cost effectiveness.

Can outdoor concrete be polished?

Yes it can be however you would want to pay attention to the environmental conditions.

Is the maintenance and upkeep difficult?

Not only is it easy (soap and water) the elimination of normal floor cleaning products is a huge cost benefit.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Black Diamond Concrete Solutions. Call our team today to get answers.

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