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For concrete restoration work in Winnipeg, look no further than Black Diamond Concrete Solutions. We stand behind our process that includes an on-site consultation, careful floor preparation and finishing. Is the concrete in your building damaged? Looking for restoration services to strengthen the structure of your building? We are here to assist! We provide quality services for both residential and commercial properties at competitive prices.



Let us first visit you to discuss your planned concrete restoration project in Winnipeg. This includes analysis of your space, hazard assessment and other possible restrictions. Then, we will give you a free estimate.


A successful concrete restoration project begins with preparing the floor correctly. We will remove adhesives, mortar and grout, then patch up damaged areas. These are the steps we take:

1. Leveling

We grind down lumps and use lasers to bring the floor to tolerance.

2. Patching

We use self-levelling compounds to patch uneven the areas, again bringing floors to tolerance.

3. Cleaning

We will clear the surface of contaminants like paint, oil and coatings.

4. Preparation

We prepare surfaces for new coatings like vinyl, carpet or tile.

5. Removing

We remove materials that can interfere with the polishing process, such as epoxies, glues and rust.

6. Roughening

If we are working on ramps, walkways and floors, we will roughen these to ensure the polish adheres

7. Smoothing

Exposed aggregate and rain damaged slabs will be smoothed to remove damaged areas


Your concrete shouldn’t just be durable, it should look great. We offer a variety of choices:


Colours and patterns

Polyaspartic coatings


Variety of micro-toppings


Polished concrete is generally used for commercial spaces. This is because it often requires large equipment. However, at Black Diamond Concrete Solutions, we have a wide array of equipment that can let us help residential clients as well.

Polished concrete has grown in popularity recently in the flooring industry. Many are attracted to its aesthetics and cost-effective attributes. Even previously used industrial pads can be restored to a beautiful finish, and new installations can be customized to designer specifications.


Get quality concrete restoration services from Black Diamond Concrete Solutions to restore the appearance of your building. We make sure the finish is aesthetically appealing.


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Ready to upgrade your concrete? Call us today to learn more about our concrete restoration services in Winnipeg or to get a free quote.



Looking to extend the life of your concrete in a commercial or residential building?

Contact our team at Black Diamond Concrete Solutions for professional concrete restoration services in Winnipeg.


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Go through our FAQ to know more about our concrete restoration services in Winnipeg. Schedule your concrete consultation.

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